The latest news suggests yet another British Muslim family has traveled to join ISIS from the UK. We are told that the family consists of three sisters and nine children, the largest family to have migrated to Syria so far. Such news has left many commentators bewildered.  Why on earth would women, particularly mothers, drag their children to a war-torn country to live under the control of ISIS, a group notorious for barbaric acts?  Read Full Article

Cage’s recent unveiling of “Jihadi John” as Mohammed Emwazi at their recent press conference has opened the floodgates to questions of “what if?” Many commentators, particularly CAGE, are now pointing the finger at British security services as playing a key part in the radicalisation of Mohammed Emwazi. During the press conference Asim Qureshi, director of CAGE, became emotional, as he spoke of Mohammed Emwazi describing him as an “extremely kind” and “extremely gentle” man, who had been radicalised by the harassment of the British security services. “He (Emwazi) was such a beautiful young man, really. It’s hard to imagine the trajectory, but it is not a trajectory that’s unfamiliar with us” (Asim Qureshi). Read Full Article

Muslims talk a lot about how to be the perfect Muslim, far far more than they do about God’s love. I have always felt a sense of God’s love – that welling of the heart when you are in prayer or a spiritual place. That feeling no words ever seem to be able to do justice to, like your soul is coming alive with God at its very essence. So when I decided to start exploring God’s love in Islamic teaching I was shocked to find that in the main when Muslims talk of love, it is usually in the context of ‘God loves those who…’ as a way of showing how we must act for God to love us. An obsession with attaining perfection through our actions to earn the approval of God. Read Full Article